Friday, January 18, 2013

It's so cold in the D

     In between a queer and a transvestite I myself nestled with a lean, awaking in Detroit via urban dogsledding(AKA Greyhound). Marijuana is potent in this city, the herbal sent flows in the current curving my lips concave up :) Already off the bus and a guy asks me, "you've been to prison haven't ya!" I already like this city.
     After coming up with a few ideas as to what to do around Detroit, I message Dylan, the great music treasure finding extraordinaire. The man has an amazing sense for what is good, great, and beyond.
     "Hey I'm in Detroit. What would you do?"
     "Hookers in Corktown. Auto Show on acid. Catch a show at PJ's Lager House. Find a pack of wild urban dogs and assert your dominance as the alpha male. Try not to die."
     "So far I'm scamming off a hostel for a free sleep in, tonight is the grand reopening of Saint Andrew's Hall headlining all Electronic Music, tomorrow I couchsurf with a random and head to Pontiac for late night rave, Sunday fun day, Monday is urban terrain exploration with urban and suburban abandoned building adventure, and Tuesday and Wednesday is squatting at abandoned houses with an Anarchist group I discovered on Your above statement is duly noted and will be exorcised. I'll try to do both auto show and casino on Acid  Thanks Dylon, my trip here will be me most memorable now."
January 18th 2013

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TA Travelers Center

"I was going to shoot that bastard, Ronny was going going to kill him. What he did I don't want to get into, the way he treated your mother... Even dad had a gun loaded ready to shot him...Your dad, he loved those young girls"
I remember my grandfather telling me he handcuffed her to the windshield/door frame of the car and beat her in the yard while he was with some girl he had on the side. My mother was pregnant with me at the time. "Some fucked up shit," he tells me. "I know what he looks like, I never forget a face."

Randy saying "I never forget a face" triggers a thought, I have a photographic memory too.

I haven't seen RANDY, Ronny's twin brother in over 7 years, when Ronny died at Methodist Hospital. Kidney failure, diabetes, dead liver, hepatitis C. Poor man contracted Hepatitis C from his first wife when he shot up heroine for the first time with her, they divorced with in a year. He found out 10 years later while awaiting on blood samples to clear him to be medical helicopter paramedic for CARE FLIGHT in Dallas.; after being happily married for 9 years with my aunt Jerry. He was a fire fighter, a paramedic, and a husband. When he got the news he was forced to quit his jobs and went back to using. He died 4 years later. Randy and I witness his death. He was 6'5'' 90lbs, I could see nothing but bones and tubes. This was different from my grandfather's death a year prior to his.
So, Randy's first sentence to me in the years of not seeing each other, "You look just like your father!"
"Really, I've never seen him."
 Jerry told me long ago, "you know... you are the spitting image of your father, that's why your mother hates you."

To be cont...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

After shock

So... I hear it was a blowski night and some handskis were given.
"That wkend gets into the memoirs, absolutely out of control craziness... Wow." 
 Sanople Von Dingus

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dora the Explora

Clint calls to let me know, "I'm calling to let you know You've paid your dues!" Those girls you know are... I've never... I stripped, for 6 girls.
He sounds enthusiastic.
I checked my phone earlier and saw this text from Whitney (Clint's friend, a dude. My friend too, by acquaintance but awesome, fun guy, couchsurfed)
         Six not 3, but 6
          plus dog

"I thought they would be girls that put cigarrettes out on my chest."No! They're 19 and 20." Clint tells me this and I think; Yep, I did a good job.
"Ya, she's a nice girl." I can only imagine the cool people she has around her.

Dora the Explora.
I met you while hitching on a hike, Eugene to Oakland
From Portland to Reno "that's where I'm going"
With a new bong in the back
I drop my pack, and we drive south, down the 5
Cali bound
Broke down outside of Sacramento, 1247Pm
"I pushed the engine too hard" 3 hour later, we get a ride
After a cop pulls over and demands to " see your license." I frown at him, give a sympathetic look, bastard.
Weird how they're trained to see every anomally as a threat, not as a situation to help and over come obstacles. He has his hand, right one, on his black gun with the button strap unsnapped. Between the time of breaking down, and Police driving in and then out, then another one in and then out. She tells her tale.
Like a happy dog waving his tail, I listen. This is when people get intament with their thoughts and freely express themselves.
"I'm a stripper... I'm trying to get to Reno so I can throw money at my girls... I have $1500.00 to spend."

I remember offering to drive earlier because she was driving with, " the windsheild wipers are on."
"Oh... I'm a little out of it. I dropped some acid last night. Would you drive for a while."
" I have a court date in Reno and I have to be there by Monday." It's Thursday, late noonish.
We talk. And oh by the way, there's someone else in the car with us. Shelby. Another hitchhiker. Dora only ask $40 for gas to ride.
"I was caught selling and possesing in Cali. I might go to Prison."
Have you any other offenses?
"Ya, but that's another case I'm fighting. My stuff was confiscated at a friends house. I lost like 3 to 4 thousand dollars... but they can not prove it's mine."
"In Cali I was caught by an undercover... with a bag of Molleys, and a vile of LSD, they found while strip searching me. I was naked, they looked everywhere. I felt violated."

My impression of Dora: Really nice sweet girl, whom got caught. Young, with a beautiful figure that'd going to help her get out of future trouble. Beautiful people get more opportunities, treated friendlier.

To be cont...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 things about Eugene

Oh Eugene, you caring mother to "run-aways." You help the people out by making it law not to pump your won gas, that's right! It is illegal to pump your own gas. Absurd, atrocious, or asinine? I saw a 39 year old bumb, homeless man, holding hands and making out with a 15 year old girl, whom he obviously impregnated. Yea! No runaway law, woo! One great thing about this city of Eugene, besides all the woodchip prefontaine running trails, is that they sell Raw unhomogenized unpasteurized Goat's Milk. Delicious. For all those who are skeptics let me say this, you're dumb. Good, now go educate yourself before you regurgitate what you think you know.
Eugene, you have a great campus, U of O, with many bike lanes. I especially love how there are trees everywhere so so so very high in the sky. Some with green growing on their brown bark, even yellow! Your forests are full of mushrooms, and squirrels that like to be hand fed, spoiled critters. If I was homeless the first thing I would do is, well... bang all the young runaways, but the second thing I would do is eat me some squirrels, seeing how they are so easy to seduce. This city is very clean when it comes to breathing air, or so it seems. Though I still see chem trails clutter my sunshine. Should be illegal blocking out the sun like that, damn jet fueled planes, WTFET.
To be cont...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry, your not allowed in because you have a blanket

Wow Portlandia, Panera discriminates people with blanket's. For all you mothers out there with babies who like to carry their blankets around, you are not allowed in Panera, solemnly because your baby might go to sleep in the coffee /sandwich shop.
I arrived in Portland about 3 hours ago. After peeing, eating ($8:45 sandwich), then decafinating, I leave the airport, with a state map and Tran (transportation schedule. But not before running into an older slim black man with sunglasses on, indoors on a low lit cloudy day. He tells me the beautiful women are in Eugene, and I need to go down there now. We talk about mushrooms. I tell him I want to walk the mountainous terrain and search for mushrooms, Amanita muscaris. Before I left Texas, Shannon actually showed me some she had growing in her ally. If you don't know, these mushrooms are "Magical!"
He tells me people here have festivals where people eat mushrooms, get naked, and dance. Awesome! I guarantee none of those people work at 4143 NE Halsey Panera, where I was greeted before entering the second set of double doors after politely holding the door open for others to exit, they all smiled at me. And so did the female employee who approached me and said, "sorry, I can't let you in" " why not???" " because we don't allow people with blankets in here." I just got off the plane from Dallas Texas, I have a travel pack with a yoga mat and rolled up yoga blanket, Native American Indian style. Oh and by the way, they have no remorse if it's raining either. Anyway, fuck Panera, Jazzkat's is more welcoming. And they enjoy serving people, and I enjoy buying coffee from them.
By the way, ironically funny, the Panera I am writing about is a non-profit Panera. The profits they make are donated to the homeless in Portland. Ya, makes a lot of sense doesn't it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pointless to be polite

Pleasure - life's desires to satisfy, a crave such as hunger or thirst. Pleasure is something you can play with, and get too comfortable with. After all, life is survival. Pleasure is a luxury to us humans, intelligence to know and understand. To all other animals, instinct; an over whelming sensation that automatically controls action without thought, generally to the animals benefit.
 Life is to easy, pleasure is taken advantage of. Bliss will been painful and blameful for our future; really laziness. Too individualized in our modern day. And yet so over populated. Caught in the net of mass production. We use without out replenishing, we are the only species to do this without being extinct? We are the only animals to trace are species but what's the point, we haven't improved upon much as a worldwide community. Publicity through television. What if you had no eyes? Radio, what if you could not hear? We bury Radio Active Nuclear Waste, 500 tons of it in West Texas. How does that benefit Texas? Or the world for that matter. Who the fuck made money in that deal and who paid for it. The Rich. The powerful will survive. Let's hope they teach their kids how too; after they stop ruining the world. Otherwise it's pointless to be polite.
Power is not what you posses, it is what you can hold on to. Some are meant to have it, some will never have it, and other will destroy it. Let's just hope the power they posses is not us.